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3 Leaf Cleaning offers a complete range of commercial cleaning services for all types of workplaces including office, warehouse/industrial, medical facility, school & athletic facility cleaning, and more. 

Custom Cleaning Plan For Your Office School Gym Medical Facility Facility in NYC or Long Island

Does Your Workspace Have A Custom Cleaning Plan?

All facilities and people are unique so a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t always fit, especially in these challenging times. Custom cleaning plans aren’t optional, they are the new standard for our clients.

Has your cleaning plan been evaluated by an industry expert in the last 6 months?

If you answered no, there’s a good chance your workspace isn’t as clean and disinfected as you think. We’d love to do a complimentary audit on your current cleaning protocols and provide you with a custom cleaning plan as well.

3 Leaf Cleaning is committed to building long term relationships with our clients to ensure they are completely satisfied and confident; knowing their workspace has been properly cleaned and disinfected.

Facilities We Work In

Office Cleaning

3 Leaf Cleaning will keep your office healthy, clean, and sanitized.

Industrial Cleaning

We offer our expert level of cleaning to help our industrial and warehouse facilities stay on track by providing a clean and healthy environment to work in.

Medical Cleaning

When 3 Leaf Cleaning is your medical facility cleaner, you can rest assured that all CDC requirements are always at the top of our checklists.

Fitness Facility Cleaning

Running a Gym or Fitness Center is hard enough. When you partner with 3 Leaf Cleaning, you let us handle the cleaning, while you can focus your efforts to grow your business.

Education Facility Cleaning

Cleaning a school requires a lot of hard tedious work, but all of that hard work doesn’t matter if you miss high use areas, or don’t have the tools you need.

Partner with 3 Leaf Cleaning to ensure your facility is fully clean and disinfected.

Hospitality Facility Cleaning

Hospitality cleaning requires extreme attention to detail, and that’s exactly why our Hospitality Partners choose 3 Leaf Cleaning.

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